Nestlin Bunny Vibrator

Nestlin Bunny Vibrator

Category: Rabbit Vibrators
Code: 1168-1092

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The Nestlin Bunny is an old classic with a new twist. It has the familiar look of a standard Rabbit vibe, with it's multi speed clit stim and shaft, but the shaft is what sets it apart ITS FLEXIBLE AND CHANGES SHAPE AS YOU MOVE! Thanks to the internal, fully flexible spine, The Nestlin Bunny allows you to bend and shape the shaft to provide you with the most pleasure possible. The tapered 3 ball design will also add a new level to your pleasure. Get ready for the vibe that flexes and moves as you flex and move.

Size: 9 Inches
Color: Pink
Flexibility: Bendable
Controller: Built In
Designed for: Women
Brand: California Exotic

Price:  €20,85


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