ID Pleasure 1 oz

ID Pleasure 1 oz

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Take the number one selling water based lubricant ID Glide, include some extra touches of naturally occurring sexual stimulants and voila, Pure Pleasure!

Packed full of natural ingredients to make you tingle in all the right places. We took the award winning formula of ID Glide and added the libido boosting properties of red clover and gingko biloba. The result A tantalisingly tingling lube to stimulate arousal and take you to new heights. 

If you want a product which accelerates and amplifies arousal then try ID Pleasure. 

The combination of natural herbs in ID Pleasure increases blood flow to the areas it is applied, providing men a firmer feeling erection and women with an exquisite tingling sensation. 

Volume: 1 oz
Lube type: Water Based
Designed for: Men and Women
Brand: ID Lube

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